The Sure Tone Rest

The SureTone Rest:

World’s most comfortable and effective shoulder rest for violin and viola

Created by Houston violinist Steven McMillan, the SureTone Rest provides a unique adjustability that other shoulder rests simply do not have – it puts the user in full control of their own comfort.

When in use, the SureTone Rest remains securely in place no matter what - it will not fall off! Yet, it will not scratch or mar the instrument.

Many players report that their instrument resonance is dramatically improved. Renowned educator, Dr. Gerald Fischbach, has written: “It’s wonderful! It seems to totally liberate the sound. Both power and richness are enhanced. The added layers of honey in the sound and increased ease and dependability in response were most pleasant surprises.”

It is available in all sizes for violin and viola and custom orders are available upon request.

The revolutionary design of the Suretone Rest has been awarded a United States Patent.¹

¹U.S. Patent No. 4,951,541